Capturing your happiest moments

Capturing your happiest moments

What to expect when you choose me as your hype girl...

When you choose to work with me, you can expect a personalized photography experience that goes beyond just taking pictures. I believe that every couple and every love story is unique, and I strive to capture that uniqueness in every image I create.

During our time together, I will be your personal guide, hype person, and photographer. I will create a fun, comfortable and relaxed environment, where you can truly be yourselves. Whether that means laughing, dancing, or just enjoying quiet moments together, I will be there to capture those authentic and intimate moments.

I will also provide guidance and direction when needed, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. My goal is to capture your love in its purest form, and I will work closely with you to achieve that.

After the session, I will carefully select and edit the best images, ensuring that they reflect the emotions and memories of the day. You will receive a gallery of beautifully edited photos that tell the story of your love, ready to be cherished and shared for a lifetime.

With my personalized approach, I aim to create an unforgettable photography experience that not only captures beautiful images but also creates lasting memories.


I am thrilled that you are here, as it indicates that you are considering using MB Photography for your photography requirements. My pricing is transparent and sincere, as I take immense pride in my craft. I understand that photography holds tremendous significance during your most memorable moments, and my pricing reflects the exceptional quality of my work. I am highly confident that I will provide you with images that are truly valuable and worth every penny.




Meet Morgan

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